Twitter: Twitter is great for almost every type of business. There are approximately 317 million active Twitter accounts all varying in age, unlike a lot of other online networks which seem to be mostly occupied by younger people. In fact, both of my parents use Twitter all the time. Twitter’s large following makes it a great tool for businesses to gain popularity. The fact that it is also extremely interactive helps as well; it’s easy for users to contact companies through tweets, and easy for those companies to respond. Wendy’s has been a great example lately of how awesome it can be to acknowledge followers. Tweets are designed to be concise so it doesn’t take much effort for a user to comprehend a message. They may or may not include an eye-catching photo, but at least there is an option here.


Instagram: With 400 million users as of 2015, Instagram has come a long way. However, unlike Twitter, its users are on the younger side which might affect the target audience of a company trying to use it for advertising. Since Instagram is ALL about being aesthetically pleasing, it is an awesome tool for hair and nail salons, clothing brands, and make up brands, the only problem with this is a predominantly female audience. Instagram users tend to spend more time looking at photos than reading captions. However, the photos still need to be eye-catching.


Below is an example of how hair salons can advertise on Instagram. Both examples have come up on my personal feed. The one on the left is atrocious, and it gives absolutely no information about the salon. The one on the right is pretty to look at and might make a user think “I want hair like that, maybe I should check out that salon”, and has just enough text to spark an interest. On Instagram, a photo is everything, so if a company doesn’t have someone constantly posting nice photos then it will never succeed here.

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Snapchat: In my opinion, if you are a business, do not even bother with Snapchat. At a whopping 150 million users, 60% of them are between 13 and 24, making your audience again, even more narrow. Personally, I skip through 100% of the ads that pop up on my Snapchat, and rarely watch the promoted stories. Snapchat is more for communicating with friends, and following celebrities. However, even then there are a few flaws. Snaps have hardly any room for text and disappear after they are viewed. Users who post too frequently are annoying, but users who do not post enough are pointless. It’s hard to find a happy medium here.


Monaco Moore


All photos are screenshots from my own timelines on the varying social media platforms


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